infiniREC - Continuous Video RECording for Mirrorless/dSLR Cameras

infiniREC - Continuous Video RECording for Mirrorless/dSLR Cameras

infiniREC - Continuous Video RECording for Mirrorless/dSLR Cameras

infiniREC helps you to overcome the time limitation on the videos you make with your dSLR camera.
In most countries, mirrorless and dSLR cameras makers are legal bound to limit the continuous video recording of their cameras to 30 min.  That is OK when you shoot small clips. But what about when you are filming a show, a concert, or you want to shoot yourself when your band plays for example? infiniREC helps you break that limitation.

infiniREC has a model for each Major brand of cameras.
Check the COMPATIBILITY LIST to find the model suited for your camera.


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How does infiniREC remote works?  

infiniREC talks to your camera wirelessly by infrared.
When your camera is recording and right about when your camera is reaching the time limitation, infiniREC orders your camera to stop recording, save clip to card, and then orders it to start recording again.  That way you can film for hours, until your cameras battery dies or your card gets full. Yes, you loose a few seconds between clips, but you still get endless recording with your camera so you don’t miss the whole show! :) 

Delayed Start

Either you are shooting yourself playing in a band, or a video blog, or you need time to get to the action scene, you may need to start video recording not right away, but in a couple of minutes. The time it takes from setting your camera, and get yourself on stage, on top of a cliff, or wherever you need to be to be filmed on. For those situations you can trigger the Delayed Start function.

To better suit infiniREC to your camera and your shooting style, you can customize the following settings on infiniREC:

1 – Clips Duration (29 min by default)

2 – Delay Between Clips (10 sec by default)

3 – Delayed Start (Zero by default=OFF)

Check infiniREC manual to find out how to set this values to the ones tou prefer.



If you have 2x mirrorless/dSLR cameras, you can use them with 2x infiniREC remotes set out of sync with each other so they’ll stop and start the cameras at different intervals. That way you’ll never miss those few seconds of interval between clips. Because you have the footage covered with both cameras.




First of all there is NO chance your camera will get too hot and be ruined by filming too long. Every camera as an inbuilt temperature sensor safeguard that turns the camera OFF well before any overheat damage can occur.

There are several tips online for people with cameras that overheat while recording video.  infiniREC remote can help with this too, if you set shorter Clips Duration values to keep it from heating to much, and setting longer Delay Between Clips values to cool it off. Work with your camera and several values on remote to see witch values suit you best. 

Remember: if your camera overheats it will turn itself OFF, and it will loose sync with the infiniREC remote, so you should take that onto account when setting its values.



Remember: video recording is a constant energy consumption task for your camera.  You should have a full battery when you start recording, or better yet: connect the camera to AC power or external battery pack if you can.



There were several reasons for video time limit in the past. The first one is because of the (first 2GB) and now 4GB file size limit with FAT32 file format that is used for the memory card. But modern video cameras can work around it just by recording to memory while it stops and starts a new file so that this is not an issue in todays Mirrorless and dSLRs cameras. Fear of overheating is not an issue because you don’t need a fixed value for that. The camera could stop recording when the overheating sensor kicks in, but that is also a reason some folks say the limit existis.

The 29.9 min time limit on videos as to do with video camera tax that photo cameras would have to be subjected to, if they would film continuous for more than 30 min, because they would be considered video cameras.

Since with infiniREC you do get a couple of seconds between clips, and therefore is NOT a real continuous shot, it does not create any legal issues.


There is no virtual limit to the amount of time you can set in Clips Duration, Delay Between Clips, and Delayed Start values.

But you have to set it according to your camera. If your camera shuts off after 30 min of video, there is no point on setting Clips Duration longer than that. The camera will loose sync with the remote.

Also you can set an infinite value of Delayed Start, and use the remote as just a Delayed Start device, but some cameras turn them self off, if they don’t receive an infrared signal for some time, (stand by mode) so remember that when trying new values for it.

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Data sheet

  • Height - 2.7 in - 68.4 mm
  • Width - 1.3 in - 33.5 mm
  • Depth - 0.7 in - 18 mm
  • Weight - 0.10 lb - 45 g
  • Range - 33 ft - 10 meters
  • Autonomy - 4 days



Mim s


It is a smart workaround. I just order my second unit to work with a dual camera setup. I can't wait for it to arrive!

    Jeb Svensen


    I was pissed when I found out my new and expensive NEX 7 could not shoot more that 30 min clips. I was considering spending some more money on a video camera just for recording my bands gigs.. but then I found your product and my wallet is saved! thanks guys, works liek a charm!