Hand-held steadycam solution for your ground videos with your PHANTOM!



3rd party gimbals work as great as the original VISION+ gimbal with ELEPHANTOM


ELEPHANTOM for cell phones as big as iPhone 6+

ELEPHANTOM MAMMOTH for tablets as big as 8"

ELEPHANTOM HYBRID for users with both tablet and cell phones, you get both supports


Please understand these are 3D printed products that take more that 4 hours to make, so COLOR is the color of the filament currently on the printer. So, RANDOM color is normally shipped.

If you DO NEED a specific color, it will have a cost associated with stopping the whole chain printing process, and changing the filament to the one of your choice, and so delaying the whole production. So.. before you choose another color, be very sure it is worth it :)

CUSTOM: is if you need a color not in the list. We will order filament the color of your choice. Delay may apply waiting for the filament to arrive.

If you want to become a reseller or just want to order bigger quantities please contact us.


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With ELEPHANTOM and ELEPHANTOM MAMMOTH, you finally have an all-in-one solution with your drone. You can get those great steady aerial video shots you love with your drone, AND you can get those same gimbal steady shots on your ground shots with your drone.

You just leave your transmitter  aside, and snap your phone or tablet onto ELEPHANTOM and get total control of your shot.

You can even tilt the camera up and down directly on your screen thru the apps available for your Phantom.

Hand-held gimbals are expensive and with it you have to get another camera, and its a lot more stuff to take when you go filming.

With ELEPHANTOM you can just fit everything on your backpack, and you get a all-in-one aerial and ground video solutions with professional stabilization!


Here is our customer Jaques from France with his review:


Here is Shaun from the UK with his Review:


NOTE:We do not sell the accessory for the led light array, or the led light itself.


ELEPHANTOM Frequently Asked Questions


Why do I need and ELEPHANTOM?
Will snapping ELEPHANTOM on my drone scratch its body?
What do I do with the transmitter?
How to use ELEPHANTOM on my P3?
Can my drone overheat?
Should I use ELEPHANTOM with my tablet or my phone?
Do you ship to my location?




     Why do I need an ELEPHANTOM?


  Well you already have a very cool aerial video machine and you love those high quality and perfectly steady videos you get in the sky. Why not get the same high quality perfectly steady videos on your ground shots? You don't need to invest in another camera. You don't need to invest in an hand-held gimbal for stabilization. All the tools you need are in you drone right now. All you need is a way to use them on the ground. And that is where ELEPHANTOM comes to the rescue. [ top ]


     Will snapping ELEPHANTOM on my drone scratch its body?


ELEPHANTOM is made of PLA. PLA is a kind of bio-friendly plastic that is a little less hard than  the  ABS shell on your drone. So It will not scratch it. [ top ]


     What do I do with the Transmitter?


On the P2 connection between the remote and your cell/tablet is a wireless connection, so you don't need your transmitter to film on the ground. Also, you can control the tilt of the camera on your cell/tablets app so no problem there too. What you do need is to maintain a wireless connection from the cell/tablet to the drone, so you can see the cameras image and control its tilt. To do this, you have several options:
- you can leave your transmitter close to where you are filming, turned on, with the wifi extender turned on and facing you.
- you can carry just the wifi extender on your pocket.
- you can direct connect from the cell/tablet to the drone with no need for the wifi extender (we will issue a tutorial for this option soon).

  [ top ]


     How to use ELEPHANTOM on my P3?


Its true P2 owners got it easy this time. Since the connection between the remote and your cell/tablet is a wireless connection, you don't need a wire to connect to the Transmitter. 
But Elephantom works great for the P3 too. The only difference is since P3 owners must have a cable connection between tablet/phone and Tx, they wear the Tx hanging on their necks or waist, which the cable going from the Tx to the Tablet on the Elephantom . You don't need to operate nothing on the Tx, just leave it hanging. The tablet stays on the Elephantom. Some users, get a bigger USB cable, and just throw the TX onto a backpack, leaving the cable going from the backpack to the phone/tablet on the Elephantom. We even had one customer that used a product that converts a normal USB cable into a wireless USB connection to connect it wireless. So there are many ways you can enjoy ELEPHANTOM with your P3.
[ top ]


     Can my drone overheat?


Your drone normally uses the rotating action of the blades to cool itself off. Since when we are filming on the ground we are not spinning the blades, can it overheat? The main 2 parts of your drone prone to overheat are the battery, and the wifi module. Since you are not spinning the motors, the battery is not doing much effort, so it will not overheat on the ground. For the wifi module inside the drone, we've done extensive test on this subject. And with our tests of 30 min of continuous use, followed by a pause to cool off, never did we get a overheated wifi module. So just to be safe we recommend users to interval 15 min takes of continuous use with a pause to let it cool off before the next take. Think about it like about the same duration of one of your normal flights.  [ top ]


     Should I use me ELEPHANTOM with my tablet or my phone?


You can use either, or both :) Its like when you are flying: Using the cell phone gives you more portability and lightness on your TX. And using your Tablet gives you a bigger screen to see better, but if gives you more weight on the TX. There is no right answer to this. So you can test for yourself we came up with ELEPHANTOM HYBRID. With your kit you get supports for both cell and tablet. This way you may test both and use with fits best for each filming scenario. [ top ]




     Do you ship to my location?


Yes we do! We SHIP WORLD WIDE! We are in Europe, Portugal. And we ship wherever you are. [ top ]

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  • Weight - 90 g




Perfect Gift

Got one for my husbands drone.. and he loved it! On the down side.. He uses the drone inside the house a lot more now :S

    Frank Stevens

    hollywood rig

    It does help a lot on ground videos. You can even run with it, and still get great shots! Arrived very fast too. I'm in the UK



      assembles fast, and works great! Got me a black one.

        Jeff D.

        What a great little Gizmo

        I smiled the first time I saw this at phantompilots.com. "Why didn't I thought of that?!"
        I've adopted a red Elephantom, and it made me love my Phantom even more :)


          What a Great Idea!

          I know about this on a facebook video...and I thought! What a Great Idea!!
          Got me a PURPLE ELEPHANTOM and it works great on my skating gigs! real professional shots on the ground as well on the skyes!