WIRED redNEX - NEX Wired Remote

WIRED redNEX - NEX  Wired Remote

WIRED redNEX - NEX Wired Remote

Does the lack of wired remote support on your NEX camera annoys you?
Do infrared remotes don't work for you because you can't trigger your camera from the back?
Does you video RIG needs a video and photo button by the handle here your hand is?

You get a WIRED remote to trigger VIDEO and photo on your NEX camera, and you can shoot from the back of your camera, or Velcro it to your VIDEO RIGs handle to START/STOP video with ease.

On this launch stage, you also get for FREE a WIRELESS REMOTE 2 in 1 pack for your wireless trigger needs.

Check the COMPATIBILITY LIST to find the model suited for your camera.



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Frequently Asked Questions
          What does WIRED redNEX do?
         What cameras are compatible with WIRED redNEX?
         How does WIRED redNEX work?
         60cm is short. I need a Longer cable!
         Why is the remote RED?
         What if my camera doesn't have infrared capability?
         Troubleshoot section
         Do you ship to my location?


     What does WIRED redNEX do?

WIRED redNEX is an innovative remote for your NEX camera. Why? for 2 reasons: it is the first and ONLY remote that lets you trigger VIDEO RECORDING remotely on your NEX camera. And... as it is also WIRED, you can trigger it from BEHIND the camera! You can fix it to the handle of your VIDEO RIG, and trigger VIDEO right whee your hand is. [ top ]

     What cameras are compatible with WIRED redNEX?

To check compatibility list please click here. [ top ]


     How does WIRED redNEX work?

Well, it's a remote, and we wanted it to keep it simple, and compatible with most models of cameras of the brand. So first thing you must remember is: NEX cameras DO NOT allow a direct cable connect. So.. we've came up with the next best thing: convert its infrared remote capability, to a wired remote capability.
This way you can trigger VIDEO start/stop, and photo on your camera BEHIND it. OR you can velcro fix your remote to an handle, curved or flat surfaced, and control you camera where your hand is.
The remote still works by infrared, BUT you can control it like a wired remote: from the BACK of your camera. Great for BULB photography of VIDEO recording with your camera in a VIDEO RIG.
How to set it up? First you velcro the WIRED redNEX SENDER UNIT (the yellow thingy) to your cameras IR sensor (velcros included). - set your camera to "REMOTE Cdr." (check your cameras manual).
- For photo, all you do is press the PHOTO button (top button) on your remote. The camera will then take a photo. Depending on what MODE your are, it may prefocus before the shot.
- For video it depends on your camera model: most models you just press the VIDEO button (bottom button) of your remote, and your camera will start recording video. Another button press and it will stop recording and save the movie to the memory card. On same older camera models, to start video you must press VIDEO and PHOTO one after the other quick. This will start recording. just press VIDEO button again to stop it.
Your WIRED redNEX has a flexible velcro system so you can fix your remote to a flat, or curved surface (like the handle of your video rig). [ top ]


     60cm is short. I need a Longer cable!

Problems with size? WIRED redNEX Comes with a 60cm/24in long cable.
If that is not enough for your needs, just e-mail us with your size request and we'll get back to you: custom size

[ top ]


     Why is the remote RED?

Well, because we can. And... it makes the cool wordplay of its name work :) [ top ]


     What if my camera doesn't have infrared capability?

Well, you're in luck. byMaC Labs have just came up with a solution for any camera. The solution is Remote ALL. Unlike its redNEX cousin that works remotely with the cameras infrared system, Remote ALL is a mechanical shutter press system. You strap it firmly to your camera, and trigger it with its own remote control. Remote ALL has its own "shutter finger" that you should align with the shutter button (or video button) of your camera, and when you want to trigger it, you just press the button on its remote control, and Remote ALL will press your cameras button for you.
The best part is that you can strap it virtually to ALL cameras, with or without infrared...or even video cameras, cell phones, microwave oven,cofee maker, etc.
For more on Remote ALL click here. [ top ]


     Troubleshoot section

"My remote does not work, what should I do?"
- First of all remove the plastic tab preventing the battery from making contact during shipping.
- Check if your camera is in "REMOTE Cdr." mode.
- Check if WIRED redNEX SENDER (the yellow thingy) is velcroed aligned with the cameras IR sensor. Dont mistake the cameras AF illuminator with the IR sensor. check your cameras manual if needed.
- Try a new battery on the remote. If one of the buttons stays pressed while you store your remote on your camera bag, it will keep draining your battery.
- Is your camera ON, and has some battery left?
- Check if your camera has the latest firmware update. If not, upgrade it.
- Smile when you take a picture. The remote will work much better when you are happy :)
If you have any problem not listed here please contact us. [ top ]


     Do you ship to my location?

Yes we do! We SHIP WORLD WIDE! We are in Europe, Portugal. And we ship whereever you are. [ top ]


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