REMOTE ALL - remote control ANY camera

REMOTE ALL - remote control ANY camera

REMOTE ALL - remote control ANY camera

You love your camera, and your camera is great. But did you ever wished it had an wireless remote option?
Trying to do long exposures and camera keeps shaking because of button press?
ever wanted to just point you camera, and remote control it when your subject is ready?.

REMOTE ALL is here for you.

No mater if you have a dSLR or an old mechanical camera. a point and shoot, of a cell phone, If it has a shutter button, then this device can turn it in a wireless controlled camera.

Just strap REMOTE ALL to you camera, and control it with an IR remote!
Just that simple!



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4 modes available on one device:

mode 1: Normal shot.
just press the IR button, and REMOTE ALL will press the cameras shutter button for a shot.

mode 2: Long Exposures
press the IR remote once, and REMOTE ALL will press and HOLD the shutter button.
next IR button press, and REMOTE ALL will release the shutter button for those long exposures without shaky photos.
(remember to set your camera to BULB mode)
This mode can also be used with BURST mode on your camera for multiple continuous shots.

mode 3: Delayed shot
Want to take pics of yourself, or with a group of people, and dont wanna be cough in the photo pointing the remote? this mode gives you a 4 second delay before each shot.

mode 4: Time-Lapse Photography
In this mode you can set your camera to take continuous shots with the delay of your choosing between shots.
set a 15 sec delay between photos and keep camera shooting over night for those beutiful sunset/sunrise movies.
(for a FULL time-lapse device, check TEMPUS ALL at )

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